EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)






Spring Semester 2013

25 January

A. Javey

Large-Area Sensor Networks


T. King Liu

1 February

O. Schmidt

Quantum-dot Sensitized Organic Photodetectors for Imaging Applications

Siemens, Germany

A. Arias

8 February

C. Dames

Heat Transfer in Graphene and Nanostructured Materials


W. Flounders

15 February

S. Agarval

A New Interpretation of Esaki/Backward Diode IV Curves


E. Yablonovitch

22 February

R. Noufi

CIGS PV Technology: Challenges, Opportunities, and Potential


A. Javey

1 March

J. Aoki

A Rolling-Shutter Distortion-Free 3D Stacked Image Sensor with -160dB Parasitic Light Sensitivity In-Pixel Storage Node

Olympus Corp.

C. Hu

8 March

S. Yu 

Emerging Device Technology for Future Computing Paradigms


V. Subramanian

15 March

I. Kizilyalli

Power Electronic Devices on Bulk GaN Substrates

Avogy Inc

E. Yablonovitch

22 March


Wookhyun Kwon
 Low-Power Nonvolatile Memory (NVM)


T. King Liu

22 March


M. M. Lee

Toward CMOS Process Compatible Si/Ge Optoelectronics for Optical Links

N. Ting-Hua U.

M. Wu

29 March

No seminar -Spring Holiday



5 April

T. Lee

Molecular-Scale Transistors and Polymer-Based Memory Devices

Seoul Nat. U. Korea

A. Javey

12 April

L. Waller

Computational Optical Imaging for Metrology


A. Neureuther

19 April

Z. Zhong

Graphene Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics

U. Michigan

A. Javey

26 April

D. Pramanik

Optimization of High K Metal Oxides for Different Electronic Device


T. King Liu

3 May

R. Kapadia

Material Science and Device Physics of Compound Semiconductors on Arbitrary Substrates


A. Javey

20 June

Dr. D. Armbrust

The Changing Nature of Microelectronics Innovation and Finding New Paths to Affordable Semiconductor Manufacturing



C. Spanos


Fall Semester 2013

September 6

Eung Seok Park

Application of Inkjet-Printing Technology to Micro-electro-mechanical Systems


T. King Liu

September 13

Jeff Bokor

Will there be a carbon age to follow the silicon age?


J. Bokor

September 20

Sayeef Salahuddin

Controlling magnets without a magnetic field


S. Salahuddin

September 27

Kenneth B. Crozier

Engineering Light-matter Interactions at the Nanoscale

Harvard University

A. Javey

October 4

Feng Xiong

Phase Change Materials . Device Scaling and Materials Innovation


A. Javey

October 11

Jie Yao

Novel Optical Materials for Light Manipulation


C. Hu

October 18

Subhasish Mitra 

Carbon Nanotube Computer: Transforming Scientific Discoveries into Working Systems

Stanford University

J. Bokor

October 25

Peter Fischer

Soft X-ray microscopy: Facing the mesoscale challenge in magnetism

Center for X-ray Optics / LBNL

S. Salahuddin

October 28

(special session)

Takao Someya
Memristive Devices for Computing

University of Tokyo

Javey, Arias, Subramanian

November 1

J. Joshua Yang

Toward CMOS Process Compatible Si/Ge Optoelectronics for Optical Links

Hewlett Packard Laboratories

T.-J. King Liu

November 8

Tristan O. Rocheleau
 Measurement Backaction for Cooling and Oscillation in Opto-Mechanical Devices


A. Javey

November 15

Jiye Lee
 Exci tonic Devices for Photovol taics and Nanophotonics

Molecular Foundry / LBNL

J. Bokor

November 22

Xiaojun Guo

Printable Low Voltage Organic Transistors and Circuits

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

V. Subramanian

November 29

No seminar Thanksgiving Holiday



December 6

Muhammad M. Hussain

Integrated Nanotechnology for Sustainable Future and Smart Living


A. Javey

December 13

Aurelien David

Light extraction in high-efficiency LEDs: surface roughness vs. photonic crystals, is there a difference?


E. Yablonovitch