How to Become a Member of the Microlab


*     Register for the Microlab orientation class.  The best means is by e-mail sent to Rosemary Spivey (spivey at eecs) . Include your name, department, advisor or supervisor and status: undergrad, graduate, post doc, visiting scholar, faculty or staff. You may also call 642-2716 or come by the Microlab office at 406 Cory Hall. Interested researchers from the private sector should first talk with Microlab Operations Manager Katalin Voros to determine if their projects are suitable for the Microlab. Please read the Industrial Members (BMLA) section.

*     Attend the Microlab orientation class. See list of orientation dates here. The class is not academic and begins at 8:00 AM sharp, in the Hughes Room, 400 Cory Hall.  Plan on staying until 3:00 PM.

*     Take and pass the Microlab safety test. Study the class handouts well because this test is harder than you imagine. You will not be allowed to take the test until 24 hours after the class ends.

*     Submit the completed New Member Form given to you during the orientation class, in the Microlab office, 406 Cory Hall.

*     Provide a Charge of Account (COA) for payment for your Microlab activities. Researchers from non-UC academic organizations and private companies must provide a purchase order.

*     All this will be explained to you during the orientation class. For orientation class dates go to

RS - 2/09