EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Course Control Number: 24067


Instructor: Professor C. Hu

also sponsored by

Profs. Bokor, Cheung, Hodges, King, Neureuther, Oldham, Spanos, Van Duzer,

and the Microlab


Fridays 1-2 pm in the Hogan Room

(531 Cory)


Spring Semester, 2000





21 January

Dr. Dennis Sylvester

Insights on Deep Submicron Design: An EDA Perspective


C. Hu

28 January

Dr. Scott Hector

Progress and Issues in Next Generation Lithography


J. Bokor

4 February

Dr. Oliver Landolt

The MOS Transistor Used As a Linear Device in Current-Mode Circuits


K. Voros

11 February

Dr. Ramune Nagisetty

Intel's Leading Device Technology


C. Hu

18 February

Prof. N. Yoshikawa

SET devices/circuits

[Future Electronic Devices Series (1)]


T. Van Duzer

25 February

Prof. Chenming Hu

Scaling CMOS Transistors For Another 25 Years

[Future Electronic Devices Series (2)]


T. Van Duzer

3 March

Dr. Susan B. Felch

Plasma Doping for Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation

Varian Associates

N. Cheung

10 March

Dr. Bin Yu

Scaling Toward 50nm CMOS


T. King

17 March

Dr. Dehuan Huang

Single Atom Manipulation and Atomic Scale Devices

[Future Electronic Devices Series (3)]


T. Van Duzer

24 March

Prof. T. Van Duzer

Single-flux-quantum logic

[Future Electronic Devices Series (4)]


C. Hu

31 March

No seminar, Spring Holiday

7 April

Dr. W. Risk

Quantum information at IBM

[Future Electronic Devices Series (5)]


T. Van Duzer

14 April

Prof. Jan Rabaey

The Quest for Ultra-Low Energy Computation: Architectures Exploiting Low-Current Devices

[Future Electronic Devices Series (6)]


T. Van Duzer

21 April

Dr. Roy Sheuerlein

A High Performance Non-Volatile Memory Array Using a Magnetic Tunnel Junction and FET Switch in Each Cell

[Future Electronic Devices Series (7)]

IBM Almaden

T. Van Duzer

28 April

Dr. Kanta Saino

DRAM industry and R&D field


C. Hu


5 May

Prof. Paul McEuen

[Future Electronic Devices Series (8)]


T. Van Duzer


Fall Semester, 2000

1 September

Prof. T. King

Silicon-Germanium: from Microelectronics to Micromechanics


C. Hu

8 September

Prof. T. Sands

Integration of Dissimilar Materials by Bonding and Thin-film Transfer: Application to Integrated Optical Microfluidic Systems


N. Cheung

15 September

Benedik Kleveland

CMOS Interconnects Beyond 10GHz


T. King

22 September

Prof. C. Spanos

Enlightened Manufacturing: How novel sensing and information technology is changing the semiconductor industry


T. King

29 September

Dr. Hagen Klauk

Pentacene Organic Thin Film Transistors

Infineon Technologies

S. Subramanian

6 October

Larry Bartholomew

Chemical Vapor Deposition for New Device Applications


K. Voros

13 October

Jakub Kedzierski

Complementary Silicide Source/Drain Thin-Body Devices for the 20nm Gate-Length Regime

Ph.D. Candidate

C. Hu

20 October

Dr. David Harame

Silicon Germanium (SiGe) Technology at IBM


C. Hu

27 October

Dr. Philip Wong

Dr. Hans Pfeiffer

Silicon Technology - from lithography, materials, to devices and interconnects


C. Hu

3 November

Dr. Khoi Phan

Correlation of Reticle Defects Detectability and Repairs for 0.13-um Design Rule Reticles


A. Neureuther

10 November

Veterans day Holiday

17 November

Dr. Ted Kamins

Self-Assembled, Self-Ordered, Nanostructures: A Path to 21st Century Electronics?

HP Labs

K. Voros

24 November

No seminar, Thanksgiving Holiday

1 December

Prof. D. Graves

Plasma Tool Modeling and Analysis


C. Spanos

8 December

Dr. Howard Huff

The Gate Stack/Shallow Junction Challenge for Sub-100 nm Technology Generations


T. King