EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Course Control Number: 24067


Instructor: Professor C. Hu

also sponsored by

Profs. Bokor, Cheung, Hodges, King, Neureuther, Oldham, Spanos, Van Duzer,

and the Microlab


Fridays 1-2 pm in the Hogan Room

(531 Cory)


Spring Semester, 2001





19 January

Dr. R. Opila

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Investigation of High K Dielectrics

Lucent Technologies

T. King

26 January

Dr. Farid Nemati

T-RAM: A Static Random Access Memory Cell Based on a Thin Capacitively Coupled Thyristor

T-RAM, Inc.

V. Subramanian

2 February

Prof. R. Leachman

Economic Analysis for the Fab Engineer


D. Hodges

9 February

Qiang Lu

Metal Gate Technology for Future CMOS Devices

Ph.D. Candidate EECS

C. Hu

16 February

Prof. V. Subramanian

Circuits in the Oddest Places: Frontiers of Organic Electronics Research


C. Hu

23 February

Dr. Effiong Ibok

The Application of Utra-thin Gate Quality LPCVD Nitride/Oxide Stack

Gate Dielectric in the 2.5nm - 1.5nm Scaling Regime


T. King

2 March

Dr. Chiu Ting

Electroplating Technology for Copper Metallization

Mattson Technology

N. Cheung

9 March

Prof. Paul Alivisatos

Colloidal nanocrystals as building blocks for new materials


W. Oldham

16 March

Russ Hudyma

From 10 Ám to 30 nm: The optics behind optical lithography

Paragon Optics, Inc.

A. Neureuther

23 March

Dr. Hyongsok (Tom) Soh  Agere

MEMS: an Enabling Technology for the New Optical Network

Systems Res.

N. Cheung

30 March

No seminar, Spring Holiday

6 April

Dr. Keith Bradley


Covalent Materials

T. King

13 April

Kerem Kapkin

ALCVD - Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition


K. Voros

20 April

Dr. Jian Chen

Flash Memory: From Data to Pictures, Music and Movies

SanDisk Corp.

C. Hu

27 April

Dr. Tai D. Nguyen

Advanced Copper Metallization - Challenges and Prospects

Simplus Systems

N. Cheung

4 May

Dr. Lalita Manchanda

Novel Devices and Materials for System on a Chip

Lucent Technologies

T. King

11 May

Hisako Sato

Hot-carrier Simulation in Logic Design

Tamotsu Miyake

Design Methodology of a High Performance Microprocessor Using Ultra-Low Vth CMOS


C. Hu


Fall Semester, 2001

31 August

Prof. Sudipta Seal

Novel Metallic, Sulfide, and Oxide Nanomaterials For Sensors, Electrodes, and Coatings

U. of Central FL

T. King 

7 September

Prof. Yue Kuo

A Novel Room-Temperature, Plasma-Based Copper Etch Process

Texas A&M U.

K. Voros

14 September

Prof. Michael McGehee

Organic LEDs


V. Subramanian

21 September

Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar

An Experiment in Entrepreneurship - An EECS Effort

Timbre Technologies

C. Spanos

28 September

Yang-Kyu Choi

Novel Device Structures for Nanoscale CMOS and Nanofabrication Technology


C. Hu

5 October

Jean-Louis Stehle

Combined GXR and UV-SE for Characterization of New Ultra Thin Gate Oxides

Sopra Inc.

T. King

12 October

Payman Jula

The Economic Impact of Metrology Methods in Semiconductor Manufacturing


C. Spanos

19 October

Prof. Hyeongtag Jeon

Atomic Layer Deposition of Diffusion Barrier and High-k Gate Oxide


N. Cheung

26 October

Prof. Susan Burkett

Processing Techniques for Advanced Interconnects

Boise State U.

T. King

2 November

Prof. Peidong Yang

Nanowire Building Blocks for Nanotechnology


V. Subramanian

9 November

Dr. M. C. Yoo

Progress and Outlook of GaN-based Light Emitting Diodes


N. Cheung

16 November

Dr. Robert Socha

Extending Optical Lithography to Half-Wavelength-Sized Features in Production


A. Neureuther

24 November

No seminar, Thanksgiving Holiday

30 November

Dr. Helena Gleskova

Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors on Plastic Foil - Electrical and Mechanical Aspects

Princeton U.

K. Voros

7 December

Shukri J Souri

3-D ICs with Multiple Si Layers: Performance Analysis and Technology


T. King