EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Course Control Number: 25776


Instructor: Professor T. King

also sponsored by

Profs. Bokor, Cheung, Hodges, Hu, Neureuther, Oldham, Spanos, Subramanian,

and the Microlab


Fridays, 1:00 Ė 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)


Spring Semester, 2002





25 January

Dr. James P. Mcvittie

Plasma Damage Issued in IC Fabrication


T. King

1 February

Dr. Sherif Sedky

Poly SiGe, a Promising Material for MEMS Post-Processing on Top of Standard CMOS Wafers

IMEC, Belgium

T. King

8 February

Dr. Fred Weber

X86-64 and the Hammer CPU


N. Cheung

15 February

Dr. Steve Holland

Fully-Depleted, Back-Illuminated CCDís for Use in Astronomy and Astrophysics


T. King

22 February

Ken Takeuchi

NAND Flash Memory Technology for File Storage Application


J. Bokor

1 March

Prof. Mansun Chan

3D Integrated Circuits Using Large-Grain Polysilicon-on-Insulator (LPSOI) Film


C. Hu

8 March

Jingliang Chen

On-Line Optimization of Photolithography Schedules


C. Spanos

15 March

Koji Watanabe

Dependence of Electrical Properties on Nitrogen Profile in Ultrathin Oxynitride Gate Dielectrics

Kozo Watanabe

Optimization of Co-Salicide Process for Mass Production of 0.18 μm Logic LSI





T. King

22 March

Prof. K. E. Healy

Surface Engineering of Materials to Manipulate Interactions with Biological Systems


N. Cheung

29 March

No seminar, Spring Holiday

5 April

K. B. Crozier

Scanning Probe Microscopy: Micromachined Lenses, Optical Antennas and Thin Film Characterization


V. Subramanian

12 April

Dr. Robert S. Chau

Transistor R&D for Logic Applications


J. Bokor

19 April

Prof. S. Jacobsen

Robots for Use in AI Research, Teleoperation, and Entertainment

U. of Utah

R. Bajcsy

26 April

Shriram Ramanathan

Ultra-Thin Zirconia Films as Alternate Gate Dielectrics


T. King

3 May

Pranav Kalavade

Novel Device structures for CMOS Scaling


V. Subramanian

10 May

Dr. Byung G. Park

Silicon Nanoelectronics: CMOS and Single Electron Devices

Seoul Natíl U.

J. Bokor

Fall Semester, 2002

30 August

Prof. Al Pisano

MEMS System Research: Water-Powered Bio Assay, Micro-Wankel Engines, and Disk Drive Actuators


T. King 

6 September

Pushkar Ranade, Ph.D. Candidate

Advanced Gate Stack Materials and Process Integration Challenges for sub-70 nm CMOS


T. King

13 September

Dr. Hiro Kawamoto

Physics of Liquid-Crystal Displays

Silicon Image Inc.

T. King

20 September

Dr. W. S. Wong

Jet-Printed Processing for Semiconductor Device Fabrication


N. Cheung

27 September

Dr. T. MacManus

Environmental Health and Safety in Your Business and Manufacturing

Intel, AZ

T. King

4 October

Prof. J. N. Burghartz

Add-On Process Modules for RF Silicon Technology

Delft U. Technology

R. Howe

11 October

Prof. C. Yang

Interconnect Modeling

Santa Clara U.

M. Chan

18 October

Dr. Jurgen Daniel

Laarge Area MEMS / Polymer MEMS for Imagers and Displays


N. Cheung

25 October

Kevin Yang, Ph.D. Candidate

Characterization and Modeling of Advanced MOS Gate Dielectrics


T. King

1 November

Dr. Siva Sivaram

3D Memory Chips

Matrix Semiconductor

V. Subramanian

8 November

Dr. Bin Yu

Silicon at Its Extreme: From Planar to Post-Planar


J. Bokor

15 November

Prof. Yushan Yan

Silicon Zeolite Low-k Dielectric Thin Films

UC Riverside

D. Hodges

22 November

Dr. Barry Lieberman

Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography: The Challenge of Technical and Commercial Development and Its Role in Extending the Semi-conductor Roadmap


A. Neureuther

29 November

No seminar, Thanksgiving Holiday

6 December

Dr. Akos Revesz

Density Gradient in SiO2 Films on Silicon as Revealed by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy

Revesz Associates

T. King