EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 – 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Spring Semester 2004





23 January

Professor C. Spanos

The Landscape of Process Control in the Semiconductor Industry


T. King

30 January

Dr. A. Pellionisz

DNA as the Blue Print for Future ICs Built in Biotechnology

Helixometry, Inc.

T. King

6 February

Dr. J.P. Gabriel

Nanotube Integration Into Functional Marketable Devices

Nanomix, Inc.

V. Subramanian

13 February

Carlos Mateus

Tunable Optoelectronic Device


C. Chang-Hasnain

20 February

Dr. W. Frey

Comprehensive Foundry Services From a High-Volume MEMS Manufacturer


T. King

27 February

Dr. J.L. Stehle

Infra-Red Spectroscopic Ellipsometer – Theory, Instrumentation and Applications in Semiconductors

Sopra, Inc.

C. Spanos

5 March

Professor A. Katz

Molecular Templates for the Synthesis of Advanced Materials


T. King

12 March

Dr. S. Lee

Bridging the Design-to-Silicon Yield Gap: A New Paradigm For Yield Loss Evaluation

PDF Solutions

C. Spanos

19 March

Dr. R. Socha

Current and Future Trends in Lithography


A. Neureuther

26 March

No seminar, Spring Holiday

2 April

Dr. D. Sylvester

IC Design at a Crossroads: Enabling Low-Power and Robust Computing in Nanometer CMOS

U. of Michigan

A. Neureuther

9 April

Dr. S. Mantl

Strained Silicon and NanoMOSFET Activities at CNI

Juelich, Germany

T. King

16 April

E. Grochowski

The Non-Linear Path from Ideas to Silicon


T. King

23 April

Dr. O. Leung

Overview and Applications of Grating Light Valve TM Technology

Silicon Light Machines

W. Oldham

30 April

Dr. S. Maeda

Negative Bias Temperature Instability in Triple Gate Transistors

Samsung Electronics

T. King

7 May

Dr. L. Muray

Miniature Electron Beam Columns for Lithography and Other Applications

Novelx, Inc.

T. King

11 June

Special Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Professor Albert Chin

High Performance Metal-Gate/High-k MOSFETs and GaAS Compatible Passive RF Devices on Ge-On-Insulator Technology

Nat’l Chiao Tung U.

T. King

Fall Semester 2004

27 August

Yuui Shimizu

Hierarchical Bit Line Architecture for High-Speed Cross-Point MRAM

T. Futatsuyama

High-Speed Failure Bit Counter for the Pseudo-Pass Scheme (PPS) in Program Operation for Giga Bit NAND Flash

Toshiba Corporation, Japan

C. Hu

3 September

Prof. B. Nikolic

A Circuit Designer’s Perspective on Technology Scaling


N. Cheung

10 September

Bala Padmakumar

Novel Complian Nanomaterial for Thermal Management in High Performance Ics

Nanoconduction, Inc.

N. Cheung

17 September

Dr. K. Schuylenbergh

StressedMetal™ Technology and Its Record Breaking On-Chip Microcoil

PARC  (Palo Alto Research Center)

C Hu

24 September

Dr. T. Schenkel

Quantum Computing With Donor Electron Spins in Silicon: Status and Prospects


J. Bokor

1 October

Dr. C. Gettinger

Challenges & Opportunities in Electronic Packaging

Intel Corp.

Chandler, AZ


8 October

Dr. Ana R. Londergan

Atomic Layer Deposition for the Semiconductor Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

Genus, Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA

N. Cheung

15 October

Dr. H.K. Wickramasinghe

Probe Microscopy from Optics to Thermal Waves and X-Rays

IBM Almaden Res. Cter, San Jose, CA

A. Neureuther

22 October

Prof. Sakhrat Khizroev

Next Generation Memory Systems

Florida Int’l U.,

Miami, FL

V. Subramanian

29 October

Dr. G. Dougherty

Development of a Bio-Agent Detection System Based on Functionalized Metallic Nanobarcodes



A. Neureuther

5 November

Dr. M. Foquet

Micro and Nanofabricated Structures for Single Molecule Detection

Nanofluids, Inc.

Menlo Park, CA

J. Bokor

12 November

Prof. S. P. Beaudoin

Electrostatics, van der Waals Forces and Undercut Cleaning

Purdue U.

W. Lafayette, IN

N. Cheung

19 November

Hailing Tu

Recent Development of Silicon and Silicon-Based Materials Technologies in China

Nat’l Engg. Res. Ctr. For Semicon. Mat.

Beijing, China

E. Weber

26 November

No seminar – Thanksgiving Holiday

3 December

Dr. P. B. Catrysse

Subwavelength Metal Optics in Deep Submicron CMOS Technology

EE/Edward L. Ginzton Lab.

Stanford U.

10 December

Dr. Howard Huff

Novel Materials for Future Transistor Generations

Sematech Int’l

Austin, TX

C. Hu

17 December

Dr. Leland Chang

Why SRAM Scaling is Hard and What We Can Do About It?

Dr. Jakub Kedzierski

Fully-Silicided Gate FDSOI and FinFET Device Options

IBM TJ Watson Res. Ctr.

Yorktown Heights, NY