EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 – 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Spring Semester 2005





21 January

Dr. Michael I. Current

Non-Contact Sheet Resistance and Leakage Current Mapping for Ultra-Shallow (and other) Junctions

Frontier Semiconductors

San Jose, CA

N. Cheung

28 January

Professor Chenming Hu

CMOS Technology’s Difficulties and Opportunities


N. Cheung

4 February

Dr. Bin Yu

Semiconductor Nanowire for Next Generation Electronics


Moffett Field, CA

J. Bokor

10 February

Nobuaki Yasutake

A hp22 nm Node Low Operating Power (LOP) Technology with Sub-10 nm Gate Length Planar Bulk CMOS Devices


Yokohama, Japan

T.J.  King

11 February

Professor H.ans Zappe

From Telephones to Chromosomes: New Directions for Optical Microsystems

U. of Freiburg,


C. Hu

18 February

Professor Yu-Chong Tai

Parylene as a New MEMS Material and its Applications


Pasadena, CA

R. Muller

25 February

C. W. Liu

Mobility-Enhancement Technologies

Professor Yeau-Ren Jeng

Applications of Rough Surface Contact Mechanics to Wafer Planarization from Micro to Nano

Nat’l Taiwan U.



Nat’l Chung Cheng U.

C. Hu

4 March

Dr. Jean-Louis Stehle

Characterization of Porous Low K Films and Pore Sealing Treatment on Patterned and Blanket Wafers by Ellipsometric Porosimetry

Sopra, SA

Bois-Colombe, France

C. Spanos

11 March

Dr. Manish Sharma

Magnetic Materials for Sub-100 nm MRAM and Biological Sensors

Hewlett-Packard Labs

Palo Alto, CA

V. Subramanian

18 March

Professor M. Wu

Si Photonics? Is this for real?


C. Hu

25 March

No seminar - Spring Holiday

1 April

Dr. K. Gopalakrishnan

I-MOS and Its Derivatives for Logic and Memory

IBM Almaden RC

San Jose, CA

J. Bokor

8 April

Professor S. Wong

High-Frequency Design with On-Chip Interconnect Inductance

Stanford U.

C. Hu

15 April

Dr. C. R. K. Marrian

Manufacturability at the Nanoscale

IBM Almaden RC

San Jose, CA

J. Bokor

22 April

Professor K. Kurabayashi

Multi-Scale, Hierarchical Integration of Soft and Biomolecules in Microsystems

U. of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

A. Majumdar

29 April

Dr. David Stumbo

Commercializing the Promise of Nanotechnology

Nanosys, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

N. Cheung

6 May

Professor HongWen Jiang

Measurements of a Single Paramagnetic Spin in SiO2 by a Field Effect Transistor


M. Wu

Fall Semester 2005

2 September   

Dr. Chi On Chui

Germanium CMOS Technologies with Nanoscale Dielectrics and Shallow Junctions


C. Hu

9 September

S. H. Lau

Techniques for Thermal/Mechanical Characterization for Novel Thin Films and Interfaces

Frontier Semiconductor 

N. Cheung

16 September

Dr. S. Holland

Advanced Scientific Charge-Coupled Devices


C. Hu

23 September

Professor P. Peumans

Efficiency Limits of Organic Solar Cells and Solvent-Free Printing of Organic Semiconductors


V. Subramanian

30 September

Professor G. Somorjai

Catalytic Nano-Diode: A Novel Approach for Direct Conversion of Chemical Energy into Electrical Current



J. Bokor

7 October

Dr. Sani S. Nassif

Model to Hardware Matching for nm Scale Technologies

IBM Austin

C. Spanos

14 October

Dr. G. Vida

Isolated Nanocrystals in SiO2

C. Roper

LPCVD of Silicon Carbide Thin Films

BUTE, Hungary

W. Flounders

21 October

Dr. R. Mariella, Jr.

BioMEMS and Real-World Bioassays


M. Wu

4 November

Prof. N.J. Tao

Arizona St. U.

A. Majumdar

11 November

No seminar – Veterans’s Day Holiday

18 November

Dr. Clark T.-C. Nguyen

Vibrating RF MEMS Technology: Fuel for an Integrated Micromechanical Circuit Revolution?

DARPA/U. of Michigan

M. Wu

25 November

No seminar – Thanksgiving Holiday

2 December

Professor M. Saif Islam

Molecular Scale Switching Junctions with Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) of Molecules and Solid Electrolytes Fabricated with Ultra-Smooth Metal Electrodes

UC Davis

M. Wu

9 December

S. Mitarai

Embedded MEMS Filter Chip and Its Fabrication for VHF Applications

Sony, Japan

C. Hu