EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 – 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Spring Semester 2006





20 January

Yuri Yasuda-Masuoka

Poly-Si/HfSiON Transistor Design for 65nm-node LSTP Applications


C. Hu

27 January

Dr. Yasuyuki Ito

High Performance Blazed GxL Device for Large-Area Laser Projector

Sony Corporation

M. Wu

3 February

Professor Robert C. Leachman

The Economics of Speed


C. Hu

10 February

Professor Costas P. Griogoropoulos

Laser-Assisted Processing and Device Fabrication


N. Cheung

17 February

Zheng Guo (Doctoral Candidate)

FinFET-Based SRAM Design


T.-J. King

24 February

H.-S. Philip Wong

Recent Results on Nanoscale CMOS Electronics

Stanford U.

J. Bokor

3 March

Dr. Jason Cain

Semiconductor Metrology at 45 nm and Beyond

Advanced MicroDevices

Sunnyvale, CA

C. Spanos

10 March

Dr. Marco Fiorentino

Changing the Rules: At the Edge of a Quantum Revolution

Hewlett-Packard Labs

Palo Alto, CA

C. Hu

17 March

Dr. John McCollum

Antifuses and the World of Integrated Circuits

Actel Company

Mountain View, CA

C. Hu

24 March

Dr. Yun Wang

Laser Annealing Technology

Ultratech, Inc.

San Jose, CA

A. Neureuther

31 March

No seminar - Spring Holiday

7 April

Dr. Yehiel Gotkis

Interfacial Instability, Mesostructuring and LER/LWR


San Jose, CA

A. Neureuther

14 April

Dr. Stefan Friedrich

High-Resolution Superconducting X-ray Spectrometers for Semiconductor Material Science


C. Hu

21 April

Professor Sandwip K. Deyi

Materials and Processing Issues in Nanomechanical RF Filters from Arrays of Ferroelectric/GaN Resonators

Arizona State U.

A. Majumdar

28 April

Dr. David White

The Impact of CMP Related Pattern-Dependencies on Interconnect Design and Manufacturing

Praesagus, Inc.

San Jose, CA

C. Spanos

5 May

Professor Roberto Horowitz

Design and Fabrication of MEMS Microactuators and Piezoelectric Instrumented Suspensions for Hard Disk Drives Servo Systems


V. Subramanian

Fall Semester 2006

1 September

Professor Ali Javey 
Synthetic Nanomaterials for Novel Electronic Concepts


J. Bokor

8 September

Dr. Yehiel Gotkis
Phenomena Occurring During Thin Liquid Film Drying


San Jose, CA

A. Neureuther

15 September

Professor D. Parent

Full Custom Asynchronous IC Design Using Cadence Tools


T.-J. King

22 September

S. M. Maurer           

Economics of Synthetic Biology


V. Subramanian

29 September

Dr. Victor K.F. Chia

Tool Optima for Contamination-Free Manufacturing

Air Liquide

Balazs Analytical Serv.

Fremont, CA

A. Neureuther

6 October

Dr. Souvik Mahapatra

Electrical Characterization and Modeling of NBTI in p-MOSFET Devices


Mumbai, India

C. Spanos

13 October

Dr. K. Kikuchi

Optical and Electrical Simulations for CCD and CMOS Image Sensors

Sony Corporation

A. Neureuther

20 October

Dr. Cary Gunn

CMOS Photonics Technology and Applications

Luxtera Inc.

Carlsbad, CA

M. Wu

27 October

Dr. H. Rusty Harris

The Challenges of High-k/Metal Gate in High-Performance Logic


Austin, TX

T.-J. King

3 November

Prof. R. Leachman

Relative Economics of Masked and Maskless Lithography


A. Neureuther

10 November

No seminar - Veterans’ Day Holiday

17 November

Kyoungsub Shin

Technologies for Enhancing Multi-Gate Si MOSFET Performance


T.-J. King

24 November

No seminar – Thanksgiving Holiday

1 December

Dr. Dipu Pramanik

Modeling Impact of Layout and Process Variability on Designs for Sub 90nm Technologies


Mountain View, CA

C. Spanos

8 December

Dr. Cor Claeys

High-k Gate Stack Engineering and Low Frequency Noise Performance


T.-J. King

8 December

Dr. Y.J. Mii

How TSMC provides technologies for wide ranging applications?



15 December

Carrie Low, Ph.D. Candidate

Novel Processes for Modular Integration of Silicon-Germanium MEMS with CMOS Electronics


T.-J. King