EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Spring Semester 2007





19 January

Patrick Patel and Dr. W. Choi

Band-To-Band Tunneling Transistors for Less Than
60 mV/dec. Operation


C. Hu

26 January

Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar

Design for Manufacturing (DfM): Hype or Reality?


C. Spanos

2 February

Professor Tamas Roska

Architectures for Nano-Giga-Scale Devices and


Hungarian Academy of Sciences

T.-J. King Liu

9 February

Professor Jeffrey Bokor

Prospects for Emerging Nanoelectronics in Mainstream

Information Processing Systems


C Hu

16 February

Dr. Wildried Haensch

High Mobility Channel Materials for Device


Dr. Leland Chang

Scaling Trends in Embedded Memory for High

Performance Microprocessors

IBM TJ Watson Research Center

C. Hu

23 February

Drs. Victor Moroz and Ignacio Martin-Bragado

Atomistic Modeling of Dopant Diffusion and Defect

Formation iin Silicon Using Kinetic Monte-Carlo

Approach (KMC)

Sysnopsys, Inc.

Mountain View, CA

T.-J. King Liu

2 March

Dr. Robert S. Chau

Silicon Innovations and Emerging Non-Silicon

Nanotechnologies for High-Speed and Low-Power

VLSI Applications

Intel Corporation

C. Hu

9 March

Professor Michel Moharbiz

Can We Hack Morphogenesis? Integrated

Microsystems for Interfacing with the Developing


U. of Michigan

Ann Arbor

M. Wu

16 March

Dr. Islamshah Amlani

Measuring AC Responses of Nanotube Field Effect Transistors

Motorola Labs

Phoenix, AZ

A. Javey

23 March

Dr. Yehiel Gotkis

Dynamics of Defect Generation in CMP Technology

KLA-Tencor Corporation

San Jose, CA

A. Neureuther

30 March

No seminar - Spring Holiday



6 April

Dr. Jianwei Mo

Medical Diagnostics Technology Based on BioMEMS

Kumetrix, Inc.

Union City, CA

T.-J. King Liu

13 April

Dr. Helena Gleskova

Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors for Flexible Electronics

Princeton U.

C. Spanos

20 April

Dr. Greg Atwood

Chalcogenide Phase Change Memory: Scalable NVM for the Next Decade?

Intel Corporation

A. Neureuther

27 April

Dr. Nick Kepler

AMD Manufacturing and Process Technology



Sunnyvale, CA

T.-J. King Liu

4 May

Dr. Mehdi Vaez-Iravani

Water Inspection: Present Status and Future


KLA-Tencor Corporation

San Jose, CA

C. Spanos

11 May

V. Vidya

Thin-Body Silicon FET Devices and Technology


C. Hu/ T.-J. King Liu

Fall Semester 2007

31 August

Professor E. Yablonovitch 
Will a New Milli-Volt Switch Replace the Transistor
for Digital Applications?


C. Hu

7 September

Professor Junqiao Wu
When InGaN Goes to Infrared: New Properties and


T.-J. King Liu

14 September

Dr. Shuvo Roy

Biomedical Microdevices: Moving from the Engineering
Laboratory to the Clinical Setting

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

T.-J. King Liu

21 September

Professor R. Ramesh

Electrically Controllable Antiferromagnets for



J. Bokor

28 September

Dr. Brian Trafas

Process Control Strategy For The NanoCMOS Era

KLA-Tencor Corporation

San Jose, CA

C. Spanos

5 October

Dr. Bill En

Microprocessor Technology Scaling


T.-J. King Liu

12 October

Professor Jing Guo

Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Electronics Physics

and Simulation

U. of Florida

A. Javey

19 October

Dr. Jim Vinson

Power Management Technology Through Foundry



C. Hu

26 October

Dr. Sadasivan Shankar

Computational Enablers for Pursuing Moore's Law


C. Spanos

2 November

Dr. Tahir Ghani

Innovative Device Structures and New Materials for
Scaling Nano-CMOS Logic Transistors to the Limit



C. Hu

9 November

Dr. K. K. Lin

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Enabling  Foundry
Data, Model, Flow and Qualification

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing

C. Spanos

16 November

Dr. K. L. Vodopyanov

New Light From Gallium Arsenide: Efficient THz
Wave Generation From Periodically- Inverted GaAs


E. Yablonovitch

23 November

No seminar Thanksgiving Holiday

30 November

Professor David Z. Pan

Synergistic Modeling and Optimization for Physical
and Electrical DFM

U. of Texas

A. Neureuther

7 December

Professor Kanti Jain

Multifunctional, Excimer-Laser Lithography and
Photoablation Technologies for Large-Area
Microelectronics, Displays, and Microsystems

U. of Illlinois Urbana-Champaign

A. Neureuther

14 December

Professor Yang-Kyu Choi

Perspective of Silicon Platform Technology

Professor Jun-Bo Yoon

DMW-MEMS: MEMS Development For Korea-Strong
Fields of Display, Memory, and Wireless


C. Hu