EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Spring Semester 2009





23 January

Prof. Elad Alon
Circuit-Driven Requirements for CMOS-Replacement Devices


C. Hu

30 January

Dr. Wei Wu
Nanoimprint Lithography & Applications


M. Wu

6 February

Dr. Brett Sexton
Applications of Electroforming in Micro-Replication

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering

Clayton, Victoria, Australia

T. King Liu

13 February

Dr. Dmitri E. Nikonov
Simulation of Spintronic Devices 


S. Salahuddin

20 February

Dr. Deji A. Akinwande

Adventures with Carbon Nanotubes:

History, Materials Science, Device Physics, & Circuit Applications

Stanford U.

V. Subramanian

27 February

Xu Ma

Gradient-based Inverse Lithography Optimization

U. Delaware

A. Zakhor

6 March

Prof. Oscar Dubon, Jr.

Laser Processing of Semiconductors for Spintronics


A. Javey

13 March

Prof. Dejan Markovic
Linear Analysis of Random Process Variability


C. Spanos

20 March

Yu-Chih Tseng
Junctions and Interfaces in Bottom-Up Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices


J. Bokor

27 March

No seminar - Spring Holiday



3 April

Matteo Staffarony

The Trouble with Magnetic Storage:

Why Your Next Hard Drive Will Come with a Few Lasers On the Side


E. Yablonovitch

10 April

Dr. Alexander Starikov
Efficient Process Control in Microelectronics Manufacture


C. Spanos

17 April

Dr. Akram Boukai
Clean Energy: 
The Case for Thermoelectrics and Photovoltaics

UCB Chemistry

C. Hu

24 April

Prof. Tonio Buonassisi
Engineering Low-Cost and Scalable Photovoltaic Materials Towards Terawatts-Scale Deployment


M. Wu

1 May

Hei Kam
MOSFET-Replacement Devices for Energy Efficient Digital Integrated Circuits


T. King Liu

8 May

Johnny C. Ho
Design of Nano-Materials for High Performance Electronic and Sensor Applications


A. Javey

Fall Semester 2009

28 August

Prof. Vivek Subramanian

Printed Electronics for Low-Cost Tags and Sensors


C. Hu

4 September

Dr. Eugene Chen

Status and Outlook of STT-RAM Technology

Grandis Corp.

N. Cheung

11 September

Rob Salem

Marvell's Plug Computing Concept

Marvell Semiconductor

T. King Liu

18 September

Prof. Andrew M. Minor
Probing the Mechanical Properties of Nanostructures in the TEM


A. Javey

25 September

Donovan Lee

NEMS Devices & Technology


J. Bokor

2 October

Prof. Hartmut Haeffner
Wiring Up Trapped Ions for Quantum Information

UCB Physics

C. Spanos

9 October

Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Memory Technology for Energy-Efficient Electronics


V. Subramanian

16 October

Dr. Valeriy Sukharev

A Novel Model-Based Algorithm To Control Full-Chip Design Specific Variation in Pattern Transfer Caused by Via/Contact Etch Processes

Mentor Graphics

M. Wu

23 October

Paul J. Hung, Ph.D.
A Microfluidic Platform for Cell-Based Applications


E. Yablonovitch

30 October

Prof. Chongwu (Dave) Zhou

Carbon Nanotubes & Oxide Nanowires: Synthesis, Properties & Applications


J. Bokor

6 November

Prof. Nathan W. Cheung
Heterogeneous Integration Approach for Electronics, Solid-State Lighting, and Photovoltaic


T. King Liu

13 November

Daniel Queen

Thermodynamics of Amorphous Materials for Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Applications

UCB Physics

N. Cheung

20 November

J. Devin MacKenzie, Ph.D.
Printed Flexible OLEDs: New Perspectives on Manufacturing, 
Devices and Applications


M. Wu

27 November - No seminar, Thanksgiving Holiday

4 December

Dr. Homer Antoniadis

Silicon Inkjet Printed High Efficiency Solar Cells


C. Hu