EECS 298-12

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar

Fridays, 1:00 – 2:00 PM in the Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Spring Semester 2011





21 January

Dr. Yukinori Sakiyama
Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas in Biology
and Medicine

University of Tokyo


D. Graves

28 January

Professor zhiping (James) Zhou
Silicon Photonic Devices for On-Chip

Pekin University, China

 & Georgia Institute of Technology

N. Cheung

4 February

Dr. Arun Persaud
Field Ionization Processes for Ion Source


A. Javey

11 February

Professor Todd R. Weatherford
Electro-Thermal Modeling of GaN HEMTs

Dept. Of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

O. Dubon

18 February

Rosie Hicks

Introducing Australia’s Fabrication Facilities

or Australian Nation Fabrication Facility -

What can it do for me?

Australian National Fabrication Facility

J. Bokor

25 February

Dr. Daniel Francis

GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors

(HEMTs) on Diamond Substrates             

CTO Group4 Labs

N. Cheung

4 March

Dr. Dmitri E. Nikonov

Srategies of Spin Torque Switching in

Magnetic Memories

Intel Corp.

S. Sayeef

11 March

Dr. George Thompson
Energy Efficiency as an Innovation
Driver: A Sytem Level Perspective
(sponsored by the Center for Energy Efficient
Electronics Sience (E3S))

Technology Strategy & Planning

Intel Corp.

E. Yablonovitch

18 March

Professor Eugene Haller
Germanium: From Its Discovery To High
Speed Transistors


A. Javey

26 March

No seminar - Spring Holiday



1 April

Professor Juin J. Liou

Outlook & Challenge in Electrostatic

Discharge (ESD) Protection of Modern and

Future Integrated Circuits

University of Central Florida

T.-J. King Liu

8 April

Dr. Alavaro Padilla
Assessment of Voltage Polarity &
Resistance Drift Effects on Symmeric &
Asymmetic Phase-Change Memory (PCM)
Cell Designs

IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose

T.-J. King Liu

15 April

Dr. Delia Milliron
Nanocrystal-Based Electrochromic
Window Coatings

Molecular Foundry


J. Bokor

22 April

Dr. Dennis Buss
Surprising Effects of Random Dopant
Fluctuations on Logic Timing at Low

Texas Instruments, Inc.

C. Spanos

29 April

Professor Junichi Murota
Atomically Controlled Processing for
Group IV Semiconductors

Tokyo University, Sandai, Japan

T.-J. King Liu

6 May

Changhwan Shin
Advanced MOSFET Designs and
Implications for SRAM Scaling


T.-J. King Liu

Fall Semester 2011

26 August

Professor Chemning Hu

     FinFET and the Concept Behind It


A. Javey

2 September

Dr. Deepak Sekar

Resistive RAM: Technology and Market



 San Jose

T.-J. King Liu

9 September

Dr. Wladek Walukiewicz

New Concepts and Materials for Solar

Energy Conversion

Materials Sciences Divison, LBNL

A. Javey

16 September

Dr. Sowmya Krishnan
Characterization of Critical Subsystems for 
Process Tool Repeatability

Semitrac, Inc.

Santa Clara

C. Spanos

23 September

Chuck Dennison

Status, Challenges and Opportunity for

Phase Change Memory

Ovonyx, Inc.

J. Bokor

30 September

Dr. Parick P. Naulleau
Challenges & Opportunities in EUV 

Center for X-ray Optics


A. Neureuther

7 October

Dr. Linyong (Leo) Pang

Intersecting Challenges: Computational

Lithography and Computational Inspection -

The Latest Progress

Luminescent Technologies, Inc

Palo Alto

E. Yablonovitch

14 October

Professor Xiaolin Zheng

Transfer Printing Methods for Fabricating

Nanowire Devices on Diverse Substrates

Mechanical Engineering Stanford University

A. Javey

21 October

Dr. Behtash Behin-Aein
Novel All-Spin Devices and Architectures for 
Low Power Computing



S. Salahuddin

28 October

Dr. Victor Moroz

Transition from Planar MOSFETs to FinFETs

and its Impact on Design and Variability

Synopsys, Inc.

Mountain View

T.-J. King Liu

4 November

Professor Debdeep Jena
Graphene-Based Tunnel-Transistors for 
Low-Power Computation:  Surprises in 

Notre-Dame U.


T.-J. King Liu

11 November      No seminar: Veterans Day

18 November

Professor Tian-Ling Ren
New Materials Based Devices

Tsinghua University


J. Bokor

25 November   No seminar: Thanksgiving Holiday

2 December

Professor Michel Maharbiz

Cyborg Beetles: Building Interfaces

between the Synthetic and the Multicellular


V. Subramanian